Maximus Property Management Services

Maximus Property Management Services LLC is a full-service management company based in Park Slope, Brooklyn.  Here at Maximus we understand that the daily management of your real estate investments involves experience and professionalism, and that's exactly what we provide. We help you reduce your involvement in day-to-day management and put our skills to work on maximizing your assets' potential. With Maximus managing your

asset’s, you will remember why you invested in real estate in the first place: cash flow and appreciation, without the hassles. Maximus is flexible enough to adopt and operate with an “ownership mentality,” while keeping sight of the fact that we are, in essence, a service organization. We make a commitment to provide quality service and deliver this service on a consistent basis. 




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Maximus Property Management is also a licensed real estate broker, offering a  wide  range of Brooklyn properties for rent and homes for sale. Visit our Photo Gallery to view current listings. To view our variety of Houses for sale and our huge selection of No-Fee Apartments for rent visit us at:    WWW.MAXIMUS_REALTY.COM

Maximus Management is committed to providing  value-added services which make your property operate more efficiently and effectively. At Maximus we are prepared to go the extra step with every tenant to ensure satisfaction.  Committed to excellence, we take pride in providing a comfortable living experience by dealing with all of our tenants' issues and concerns, and resolving them quickly. Here at Maximus we are familiar with all our clients, tenants and building issues and do not need to open a file to get an answer.


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